Living In DeLand: A Homeowner's Guide to Conserving Water

Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 3:18PM

With California currently experiencing one of the biggest droughts in American history, water has become a talking point across the nation. More than ever, people are recognizing that conserving water can save you money as a homeowner as well as helping our environment. Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, so doing your best to save water is a no-brainer. Below are points to keep in mind in order to keep Deland environmentally conscious and keep your utility bill low.

The least that a homeowner can do in order to be conscientious about water use within his or her home is to know how much water is expended throughout the day. Monitoring your water usage and making sure it does not increase over time can be crucial to becoming more environmentally and financially conscious. An unexplained increase in water use for a month can be an indicator of part of your home not working efficiently. In some cases, the increase can be caused by an inconspicuous leak. Leaks are a bigger deal than some homeowners might think - fixing one can end up saving hundreds of gallons of a water a day! A guide for locating a leak within your home can be easily found online, and for more details, you can contact the local water department through their website.

Besides spotting leaks before they becoming a drain on your water supply, there are many small changes you can make to your home or daily routine in order to save a substantial amount of water. Below are some tips we recommend for using water more efficiently:

  • Take shorter showers (preferably ten minutes at most)
  • Consider installing efficient water fixtures in your home (for example, low-flow showerheads, efficient toilets, water-saving dishwasher)
  • Have a layer of mulch around the plants and trees in your yard. Water evaporates less quickly if there is mulch on top of the soil, and mulch also helps prevent weed growth
  • Water your plants more deeply, but less frequently. This will help water get to the roots where it helps the most, minimizing wastefulness
  • Only put full loads into the dishwasher and washing machine
  • Be mindful of sprinkler systems, and turn them off if you are experiencing rainy weather. Irrigation systems are responsible for a sizeable portion of a home’s water bill in some parts of the country, especially in warm regions like Florida

Besides the above, there are many more tricks you can employ to help save water and save money. It is not always the amount of water you are using that should be changed. The source of water is equally important, and reusing water can help you waste far less. Here are some tips for being thriftier with your water usage:

  • Consider rainwater harvesting during wet times of year
  • Use greywater to irrigate your lawn. Greywater is harmless water previously used in sinks and showers. There is no need to use drinking water on your lawn

By observing the above checks and practices, you can be a more conscientious and financially secure homeowner. Saving water helps ensure that Deland will not be struggling with water supply any time soon.


Living In DeLand: A Homeowner's Guide to Conserving Water

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