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101 Things To Do In DeLand

Looking for something to do this weekend?

  1. Have lunch at The Perfect Spot Restaurant at Skydive DeLand while watching the skydivers land at the drop zone.
  2. Enjoy a bottle of wine with friends at The Elusive Grape.
  3. Explore a wide variety of foods in downtown DeLand's cafes and restaurants.
  4. Enjoy Sunday breakfast at De La Vega Restaurant and Gallery.
  5. Enjoy Authentic Mexican food at El Taco Amigo. (Corner of Florida and NY)
  6. Make your own pancakes at the Sugar Mill, then enjoy a canoe ride or have a hike on the Persimmon trail at DeLeon Springs State Park.
  7. Enjoy a romantic dinner or take cooking lessons at Cress Restaurant.
  8. Have the areas best hamburger at The Airport Bar and Gin Mill.
  9. Visit the ever changing collection at the Museum of Art.
  10. Go to an event at The Woman's Club of DeLand.
  11. Try a new beer while listening to live music at Abbey.
  12. Watch a baseball game at Melching Field at Conrad Park.
  13. Take a morning walk at Earl Brown Park track.
  14. Visit Berners Auction.
  15. Visit Victoria Hills Farmer's Market on Sunday morning with friends, then have breakfast at Ferrara's.
  16. Visit the Downtown Farmer's Market.
  17. Watch the Christmas Parade.
  18. Golf at Victoria Hills.
  19. Spend a day at The Reptile Discovery Center.
  20. Discover new music at Cafe daVinci.
  21. Walk your dogs through downtown.
  22. Spend a weekend morning/afternoon at DeLand's Fall Festival of the Arts.
  23. Spend a weekend morning/afternoon at the Craft Fair.
  24. Spend a weekend morning/afternoon at the DeLand Outdoor Art Festival
  25. Enjoy one of DeLand's parades. (MLK parade, Dog parade, DHS Homecoming parade, Veteran's Day parade, Christmas parade)
  26. Have a nice Sunday breakfast at The Potato Patch.
  27. Enjoy Thai cuisine or sushi at Oudom Thai.
  28. Watch a play, movie or musical performance at the Athens Theatre.
  29. Swim or enjoy the new splash pad at the DeLand YMCA.
  30. Spend an evening at The Volusia County Fair.
  31. Relax with a book by the fountain at Stetson University.
  32. Rent a boat at Hontoon Landing Resort and Marina.
  33. Stroll the streets of Cassadaga and have a psychic reading.
  34. Visit with Bill Dreggors at the DeLand House.
  35. Take the DeLand Historic Mural Walk tour or the Persimmon Hollow Quest.
  36. Play chess by the fountain in  downtown Chess Park.
  37. Enjoy a boat ride on the St. Johns River to Silver Glen Springs
  38. Relax with a beer on the dock at the Shady Oak Bar on the St. Johns River.
  39. Spend a day in nature watching the wildlife at Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge.
  40. Ride the pontoon boat to Hontoon Island.
  41. Take a bike ride along Marsh Road.
  42. Hike or bike on the new trail at the Lake Beresford Park.
    (Once completed it will go from DeLeon Springs, through Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, Lake Beresford Park, Blue Springs State Park and on to Gemini Springs. Currently the 3.3 mile section between Lake Beresford Park and Blue Springs exists.)
  43. Hike the St. Francis Trail (along the St. Johns River) to the abandoned village.
  44. Run or walk the fitness course at Dreggors Park on Stone Street.
  45. Enjoy the nature trail at Jackson Lane Park.
  46. Take the kids to Freedom Playground. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the nearby pavilions.
  47. Get a library book from the DeLand Public Library, and walk to Painter's Park to enjoy the read.
  48. Visit the SoNY district in downtown.
  49. Take a walking tour of Stetson University and cool off with an ice cream cone from Sweet Spot.
  50. Meet a friend for brunch at Boston Coffeehouse.
  51. Enjoy a cup of famous Chicken Velvet Soup at Cook's Cafe
  52. In the fall, visit the area's largest pumpkin patch at First United Methodist Church of DeLand and stay for storytime.
  53. Enjoy a concert in Stetson's Elizabeth Hall.
  54. Buy a piece of art from up and coming artists at Studio 308, then get it framed at nearby Trophy Factory Plus.
  55. Buy unique postcards of DeLand at Studio 308.
  56. Take a drawing or painting class at Studio 308.
  57. Enjoy Friday or Saturday night dinner and entertainment near the mosaic waterfall at Mainstreet Grill
  58. Feed the ducks at Earl Brown Park
  59. Take a tandem skydive at Skydive DeLand
  60. Attend an author's signing and reading at The Muse Book Store.
  61. Take a self-guided tour of Jackson Walker's amazing art collection weekdays in the DeLand's Historic Courthouse, then make a wish in the goldfish fountain.
  62. Join locals in the Friday night classic car meet in the Winn Dixie parking lot off Orange Camp Road.
  63. Visit the National Guard Armory.
  64. Learn about much more than geology at the Gillespie Museum of Minerals at Stetson.
  65. Take belly dancing lessons by dancer Suehair of DeLand.
  66. Peruse the old photographs of DeLand and West Volusia County at the West Volusia Historical Society Museum.
  67. Visit the African American Museum of Art
  68. Enjoy an exhibit at the new satellite location for the Museum of Art in downtown DeLand.
  69. Relax with your kids at one of DeLand's many playgrounds: Jackson Lane Park, Freedom Playground at Dreggor's Park, playground at Earl Brown Park, playground at the Chisholm Center.
  70. Enjoy upstairs art gallery at DeLand Artisan Inn
  71. Walk through a real downtown.
  72. Drive through tree lined streets of DeLand.
  73. Look at historic homes and buildings in DeLand.
  74. Eat at downtown restaurants.
  75. Go to a DHS or Stetson football game at Spec Martin Stadium.
  76. Have breakfast at Hunter's Restaurant.
  77. Look at the brick mural and azalea sculpture at DeLand City Hall.
  78. Wander around Stetson University campus.
  79. Enjoy Tropical Nights in Downtown DeLand.
  80. Read the commemorative plaques on historic buildings.
  81. Enjoy downtown's Christmas Open House and Santa's arrival.
  82. Walk through the Old Historic Courthouse
  83. Watch the Dog Parade and Mardi Gras on Mainstreet.
  84. Golf at Sandhill Golf Course.
  85. Enjoy an airboat ride on the St. Johns River.
  86. Go fishing on the St. Johns River at one of DeLand's many fish camps.
  87. Let your dog run wild at Barkley Square Dog Park
  88. Enjoy fine art at Stetson's Homer & Dolly Hand Art Center.
  89. Enroll your little one in DeLand's summer recreation program.
  90. Travel back to Florida's rural past at the Pioneer Art Settlement in Barberville.
  91. Learn about the DeLand's role in World War II at the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum.
  92. Let your little one learn about the visual arts at the Museum of Art.
  93. Go swimming at DeLeon Spring State Park.
  94. Check out DeLand's Historic Stetson Mansion.
  95. Enjoy a stroll on the Alabama Greenway.
  96. Take flying lessons at the DeLand Airport.
  97. Watch a historic PTF boat being restored at the DeLand Naval Air Station
  98. See an authentic F14 Tomcat Fighter at the DeLand Naval Air Station.
  99. Have a cappuccino at Dick and Jane's.
  100. Enjoy the Street Rod Cruise on W. Indiana Avenue every third Saturday of the month.
  101. Spend the day with beautiful fabrics, patterns, classes and fun staff! Over 5000 bolts of fabrics at the Quilt Shop of DeLand, Inc. 1-866-734-8782.
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